Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bella Sirena has stolen 70K from our family

In 2006 our family invested in a fractional ownership with Bella Sirena of rocky point, owned at that time by Star Ventures and now Pelican Partners LLC. We were the first owners of the 2 bedroom ground floor fractional. Within a year Bella Sirena wanted us to alter the our contract to accommodate their new "direction". We declined, why would you exchange a one failed promise for another? We made a verbal agreement that can be verified by our communication records that they would refund our $70,000. 5 year have passed and Bella Sirena no longer will answer our phone calls or emails and we are now looking into taking legal actions,

If you or anyone you know has a similar story please let me know. We are putting together some resources to develop a negative PR campaign to shed light on this shady organization.

Please check back soon for an update!

Johnson Family

Here was the email we received stating they would refund our investment:

At this time PPI does not have the ability to cancel to original agreement and refund the payment amount. We are working diligently to move the remaining inventory and close out on going agreements such as the one currently in place with you and your partners. PPI will continue to honor the contract represented by Star Ventures, which offers unlimited use, until such time that we can complete the requested cancellation. In addition, we will remove any and all operational expenses and dues that you and your partners are responsible for under the contract until such time that this agreement can be cancelled and the investment refunded. I appreciate your patience in this matter and will continue to move as quickly as possible to cancel the original purchase and sale agreement and refund your investment.

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